ARIETE BG – Substantial part of our knowledge base is composed of many years of experience in various manufacturing processes in different sectors and different focus. To transform these experience into own manufacturing processes was then “just” the next logical step in the ARIETE Group. Production activities represent a dynamic activity of the company, which employs over 150 staff working within quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and space bigger than 1200 square meters.

ARIETE Logistics

ARIETE Logistics

ARIETE Logistics – has at its disposals two warehouses in strategic locations in Smolyan’s West аnd South industrial zones .With more than 4000 square meters warehouse space we offer great flexibility to customers looking to outsource storage and complex logistics services to us. All services are customized to individual client needs. The work processes are highly effective and that’s why we are able to fulfill more tasks within the right timeframe and ensure a high quality of services.